File Photo of John Obi Mikel (Social Media)

32-year-old former Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel left the Turkish Club, Trabzonspor, because despite coronavirus pandemic the games in turkey are going on. He has clarified that he ‘did not feel comfortable’ playing football during this coronavirus pandemic. He and the club have mutually agreed to terminate the contract.

Obi Mikel who played for Chelsea for eleven long years is a Nigerian now representing Turkish Club. His contract with the Turkish club was till May 2021. He was playing in the Super Lig of turkey which is one of the few sporting competitions still active and currently completing its fixture.

Mikel who played for Chelsea from 2006 to 2017 and played 368 matches. At his Instagram Mikel posted “there is more to life than football.” He wrote “I do not feel comfortable and don’t want to play football in this situation. Everyone should be at home with their families and loved ones in this critical time.” He also said that football season should be cancelled as the world is facing such turbulent times.

As a part of deal Mikel will not get the remaining contract amount. Mikel played five of the most prominent leagues of Europe like English, Spanish, German, Italy, France and Champions League.

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